by leoidraikh
Project Description
cHorizon is a system that is meant to conserve soil and extract nutrients out of irrigation water at the waterways before it gets into the lake. The system consists of three main parts: The probe, the valve and the extraction mesh. The probe is implanted in the soil at the farm. The sensors on it will collect information on different stats such as the percentage of nutrients and moisture in the soil. The purpose is to keep the farmer up to date on the components of the soil, therefore leading to better decision making regarding the amount of fertilizer needed and get an idea of the number of nutrients that are likely to wash away with the water. The valve is connected to the tile system and can be turned on\off to either lock the water in the system or release it into the waterway. This way, the water can be kept in the soil longer, decreasing the loss of soil. However, if the water is too much, it can be released in time to keep the farm from flooding. The final part, the mech extraction device, is placed in the waterways. Irrigation water is passed through it. Through a chemical reaction, the nutrients are extracted from it to ensure the final amount of water that gets to the lake is safer, cleaner and has significantly fewer nutrients.
Project Details