cHorizon is a system that is meant to conserve soil and extract nutrients out of irrigation water at the waterways before it gets into the lake. The system consists of three main parts: The probe, the valve and the extraction mesh. The probe is implanted in the soil at the farm. The sensors on it will collect information on different stats such as the percentage of nutrients and moisture in the soil. The purpose is to [...]
Designed and Built for a client interested in customer service and experience solution. These devices convert any standard scent sprays and diffuser from manual control or timer control to a more advanced way of controlling it based on an advanced software solution, where the device becomes an integral part of improving customer experience.
February 4, 2019
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cTurf – Adaptive Connected Irrigation System
Devices built with industrial grade material to help all commercial properties owners, golf courses, large green area, take care of their lawn and gardens while saving water fertilizers, helping them become better internet stewards. Using lates in IoT technologies, based on Lorawan network, allowing to cover filed up to 4 miles in radius, without the need for wifi extended or expensive infrastructure investment.
February 27, 2018
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