Going back to 2016, a small family moved permanently from the Middle East to Toledo, OH. With such close proximity to Lake Erie, they thought they will have water forever. However, as time went by, they realized the algae bloom problem will prevent safe usage of the Lake’s water in the future. Armed with vast experience in electrical and electronic design, they set out to design a system that will help farmers have far better control on nutrients seeping from their farms into the Lake’s waters as well as save them money by collecting data live from the soil in tiled farmland; because we LOVE our farmers!

OWe help farmers through building technologies to monitor and manage soil and water resources to ensure the supply of clean water, improve soil health, build regenerative practices, and maximize profit within agricultural and hothouse industries. By arming growers with data, they’re better prepared to respond to changing climate conditions, policy changes, and market forces.


Real-Time Data Analysis

Data available on farmers fingertips, with a suggestion based on other farmers experience and recommendations.


Systems are connected to advanced cloud services and application, that can be connected to other software providers, in addition to locally hosted applications


Devices Easly installed, software easily connected to the cloud, and the cloud application doesn't need any high-level administration.

collaborative environment

Farmers can exchange information and data, our team helps farmers with their challenges, we improve our system based on their feedback and advice.


Leo Idraikh
Founder | Technical Lead

Passionate product developer and designer, over +8 years of experience and collected skills .

Beyan Khazaleh
Software Lead

Entrepreneur and experienced software engineer with +10 year of experience in developing Enterprises solutions

Muhammad Mostafa
Business Development

MBA/Engineer/Manager • Over 7 years of hands-on experience in business analysis, process design, product development, project management, UX/product design, testing, and product launch.

Nida Ammar
Business Development

Skilled in Translation, Technical Documentation, Editing, Documentation, and Presentation Skills. Love learning, communicating and writing articles

Obai Idraikh
Customer Relations Lead

leader in business services, in addition to my experience in team management in the operations department, which taught me how to handle my team's needs and how to increase their performance by building a motivational environment.

Ala Abu Emair
Frontend Dev. Lead

Experienced Software Engineer with more than 6 years in web development. Building user-friendly websites and applications is truly a passion of mine.


Following a biological methodology in business & design to give your idea or company what it deserves

We aim for our design to achieve all the following and achieve our client goals.

  • Modularity

    Modularity divides the system into smaller parts that can be created independently and used in different systems. Besides the reduction in cost, due to less customization, and flexibility in design, modularity offers augmentation and exclusion.

  • Embeddedness

    Embeddedness helps the system become relevant with any other system, which means its parts can be integrated with other systems with minimal work and maintenance. When we strive for embeddedness, we keep our products relatable and we increase their usage capacity.

  • Prudence

    Looking and reacting to every tiny change in technology and agriculture, and furthermore, remembering every previous change, in case they are ever encountered again or similar changes.

  • Adaptation

    The product is designed to adapt to changes in technology, manufacturing resources and supply chain changes and even to use case and also to work with systems designed by others.

  • Diversity

    Our team members come from all backgrounds in education and many different career experiences to help build better, diverse outlook on how our products will function.

  • Redundancy

    Our products always will have your back with several bases to operate. If one base is down, the back up base gets to work right away, making sure you won’t have any disturbance. Redundancy helps keep the product up and running and reduces any possible downtime due to any sudden circumstances.

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