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Industrial Design

The art of making usable attractive devices, while maintaining the ability to manufacture them, we work for lot of customers and inventors who not sure of the quantity they will produce are they are designed product that don�t sell in volumes in a year, our design maintain quality and look while maintaining the possibility for low volume production without taking the price to higher levels. Designing products with several material and manufacturing technologies, starting from sheet metal to plastic molds, deep drawing and die casting. Satisfying our customers need.

Get Fully customizable Industrial management platform in addition to custom IoT devices that match you factory needs ...

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Electronics Design

We started business design and building electronics devices, with experience of more than seven years , we have the skills to help you build the best electronics solution for you idea based on the latest technologies with up to 6 layers, using rigid PCB or flex, or a hybrid design, with the help our manufacturing partners in the USA we guarantee the best quality in production and assembly, matching design quality, resulting in excellent product quality. If your product is powered by Batteries,PoE, AC or high voltages, you will find the solution that will fit your needs with us. Our portfolio include WiFI enabled products, BLuetooth enabled products, integration of Audio systems, carries board for Standard CPU modules form several manufacturer. In addition to several display driver , and display bridges (LVDS, HDMI, TTL and DVI).

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Industry 4.0 Á IIoT

Is you factory old, or some of you machine are old, you are suffering from long downtime, and high upkeep cost, would you like to take your factory to new level of technology without spending fortunes on machines, we have what we need, we design and build upgrade kits for old machines, bringing them to industry 4.0 and IIoT age. Building all need softwares and applications to make your factory more efficient and less costing, in lean ways that won't require huge investments.